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Hello everyone, I will like to regrettably inform you all we will be suspending our regular subscription model for a couple of months. Our number of subscribers has increased too quickly and we will like to keep it constant for a couple of months. We will resume our services once we have effectively figured out how to serve an ever increasing subscriber base effectively. All those who have our email address or have already subscribed to our games before now will continue to enjoy our services.

When we resume our betting service in July, we will have a new subscription system.

When we began our betting service in August 2014, we charged a subscription fee, then sent information on the fixed games to our subscribers to place their bet on. These system has however become unsustainable as the number of our subscribers have increased quickly, we now have games being cancelled, bookmakers freezing the winnings of some of our subscribers for “suspicious betting patterns”. It is due to these reasons we will be having a change in the subscription system.

In place of sending out the games, your subscription fee will now double as your betting capital. We have several betting accounts and enough expertise to place your bets in a manner where it wouldn’t get flagged by the bookmakers. Below are the interest rates we will be offering

500 GBP(Minimum) – 1000 GBP : 25% interest

1000 GBP – 2000 GBP : 35 %

2000 GBP – 5000 GBP: 45%

5000 GBP – 10,000 GBP : 55%

10,000 GBP – 25,000 GBP (Maximum): 65%

We will pay out this interest every 2 weeks, you can withdraw your initial investment plus profits at anytime.

To begin the subscription process, send an email to

The subscription process is as follows

  • Bitcoin or USDT payments are preferred. Other payment options are available depending on country of residence of the subscriber.
  • After payment, you should send your proof of payment e.g a screenshot showing the details of the transaction clearly.
  • After your payment is confirmed, you will get an email from us confirming how much was received and how much you should expect to receive as profits after the game is played. You will be required to send us your Bitcoin/USDT address to receive your winnings.

This post will be closed to comments, see you in July.


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