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Hello guys, as I have communicated to the vast majority of you via email, our fixed game from the Australian league has been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, we have been working hard to find a replacement fixed game right from the moment we got information the game was cancelled, and we have been able to find one. Everyone who subscribed for the cancelled game will get the replacement game at no extra cost. The details for the replacement game are as follows.

Date- January 30, 2022

Odds- 35

Bet type- Correct score

Price- £500 (single game) For information on bundle subscription plans and how to subscribe click HERE



90 Replies to “Game Cancelled. 35 Odd Replacement Game Coming Up On January 30.”

  1. And as an apology for another cancelled game, I will be giving out a free game tip. The game begins in less than 2 hours so place your bets now.

    Liga MX
    UANL Tigres v Puebla
    HT winner: Puebla
    Odds: 6

    The odds aren’t great, but this is just my way of apologizing for the game getting cancelled.

    1. Hi, I’ve sent you an email. I’m still waiting for an answer. I’m interested in subscriptions. reply to my email for more information. Best regards Yuri

      1. I missed but this should have come via mail to all subscribers as well. Infact just seeing the cancellation notice here apart from the mail I received. Thanks for always keeping your words Lucas.

  2. Oh my goodness! Lucas I can’t wait for the day I’ll have money to get some of your games tip! I love this so much!

  3. Hey Lucas, Can we get Free Game of Anniversary?
    It Would be a great help for someone Broke like me who cannot afford the ticket!

  4. Game cancelled guys.

    Cause of cancellation: Covid 19.

    If you have paid a subscription fee, send me your Bitcoin address by email for a refund.

    1. So unfortunate! So when do you plan to make another appointment? I really appreciate that you are an honest person Lucas, and I will subscribe next time. Still optimistic!

  5. Too bad for as first time subscribers fuck covid 19, how are we going get rich with this covid that keep on hindering

  6. Is There A Way To Be Notified Of Every New Blog Post? It’s Easy To Miss A New Post When I Have To Check Everyday And You Post Months Apart.

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