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Hello world, as you all know, July was kind to us. August is primed to go the same way. We have an airtight arrangement for a fixed game that will be played on August 18. The payout rates on this game will be:

500 GBP(Minimum) – 1000 GBP : 25% interest

1000 GBP – 2000 GBP : 35 %

2000 GBP – 5000 GBP: 45%

5000 GBP – 10,000 GBP : 55%

10,000 GBP – 25,000 GBP (Maximum): 65%

To begin the subscription process, send an email to

The subscription process is as follows

  • Bitcoin or USDT payments are preferred. Other payment options are available depending on country of residence of the subscriber.
  • After payment, you should send your proof of payment e.g a screenshot showing the details of the transaction clearly.
  • After your payment is confirmed, you will get an email from us confirming how much was received and how much you should expect to receive as profits after the game is played. You will be required to send us your Bitcoin/USDT address to receive your winnings.


53 Replies to “Fixed Game Coming Up On August 18”

    1. The payout rates will go up after this game. The minimum will be a 2x payout. The bad news for some will be the minimum investment will now be £2500.

  1. I thought I’d get the mixed match to bet on myself after payment for the game? I don’t really understand

    1. That was how we had always done it, then we began seeing cancelations probably because some subscribers where where reselling our games.

      We are currently mulling over bringing back that system, but the hiccup is how to avoid the cancellations.

  2. I have been looking forward for the anniversary free game since Nov 2021 I joined this group
    Lucas please make this memorable even if it is low odd to celebrate this feat
    Please… Please… Please

  3. Hi, Lucas, Free Fixed please, My Family have been alot this year, we had to pay 15 Lakh Ruppees of the debt which my father took, please help me out man, i am currently earning but not so much, a free fixed match and will bet with maximum i can afford please provide a fixed free bet match please i beg you!!!!!!! HELP ME OUT MAN!!!!!!!!!

  4. As expected lads, our result came in. Activity report coming up in the morning.
    We will also be anouncing some changes to our mode of operation tomorrow.

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