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Another win in the bag! We had a total return of a sum of over 4 million pounds from various betting accounts from bets placed on behalf of subscribers yesterday. These are screenshots and a video from these betting accounts:

The processing of payouts have begun and will be completed within 24 hours. Any complaints can be made in the comment section.

For the benefit of potential subscribers and the doubting Thomas’s, those who subscribed can share the Hash/transaction ID’s of their payouts in the comment section so anyone who desires can confirm the payout on the blockchain.

We will be making some changes to our mode of operation, so keep an eye out for that in the next post.

Cheers, Lucas.

62 Replies to “Activity Report For September 16”

  1. My friend won on your last game and told me about your website. I came here and I can’t believe my eyes. You’re godsent Lucas.

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