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Hello everyone, it has been another beautiful weekend, evident from the video and screenshot from our betting accounts below.

Number of subscribers2158
Sum of stakes £ 2,140,862
Sum of payouts £ 3,081,128
Number of payouts1777
Roll overs381

The processing of payouts have begun and will be completed within 24 hours. Any complaints can be made in the comment section.

For the benefit of potential subscribers and the doubting Thomas’s, those who subscribed can share the Hash/transaction ID’s of their payouts in the comment section so anyone who desires can confirm the payout on the blockchain.

Cheers, Lucas.

69 Replies to “Activity Report For July 31”

      1. If you’re asking because of what you imagine my investment would have been. I made most of this money on this website. been a longtime subscriber, and have made quite a lot here.

  1. Fabulous …wanted to take part sometime but my device crashed!! Been a while before I got back here coincidentally
    I want to know the subscription packages and charges. Thanks

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