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Hi all, it was a weekend to remember for us. We successfully fixed our games, and as promised all payouts owed to our subscribers have now been paid out. This is our activity report for July 17.

Number of subscribers1073
Sum of stakes  £ 1,219,350
Sum of payouts £ 1,707,090
Number of payouts913
Roll overs160

You might notice we no longer have screenshots of our bets posted on the website. This is done to protect the identity of our collaborators. we had a period of fixed game cancellations before our hiatus. In order to stop this from happening we will no longer make public the games we fix.

All payouts due have been paid before the filing of this activity report. Any complaints can be made in the comment section.

For the benefit of our potential subscribers and the doubting Thomas’s, those who subscribed can share the Hash/transaction ID’s of their payouts in the comment section so anyone who desires can confirm the payout on the blockchain.

Cheers, Lucas.

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